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BMW’s i3 had no strength or knowledge to fight against Tesla’s electric vehicles when it debuted back in 2014. It’s fair to say that the vehicle still lacks behind the Elon Musk’s lineup, but it’s getting closer every year. This year’s Frankfurt auto show will host the updated 2018 BMW i3 and its sportier interaction called i3s.

2018 BMW i3s and i3 introduced

Although the manufacturer hasn’t said anything regarding car’s battery, we are pretty sure there will be no changes at all, because the i3 got an all new battery last year. That means that both models should be able to cross about 114 miles on a single charging. Though you can always pick the version with the additional 2-cylinder, which boosts range to 180 miles.

Power wise, the base version will keep existing 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of unchanged, while the 2018 BMW i3s will feature 184 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque from its rear-mounted electric motor. Of course, the sportier version will also get better performance due to sharpened throttle response. Unlike the base i3 which needs 7.2 seconds to reach 60 mph, the car with a little “S” at the end will do the same for 6.8 seconds. Plus, top speed is raised to 100 mph.

2018 BMW i3s

Aside it’s more powerful and quicker, the 2018 i3 looks better as well. There are a few extra color options, reshaped ends, and standard LEDs, while the cab features the latest 6.0 iDrive interface. Still, the biggest changes are definitely sport-tuned suspension that’s lowered for 10 mm and around 40 mm widened track, which provide significantly sportier stance.

Both, the regular i3 and the all-new 2018 BMW i3s will host a range of driving aids such as pedestrian detection, collision warning, and a self-parking system. Plus, there will be the On-Street Parking Information system integrated with navigation, which is quite useful, because it’s finding vacant parking spots for you.

2018 BMW i3 interior

There will be more information about the i3 and i3s after the 2017 Frankfurt auto show, so stay tuned.

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