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Kia is definitely making some changes on its minivan. However, we are pretty sure that the 2018 Sedona won’t come completely redesigned but only refreshed. The Koran car manufacturer decided to do that because two biggest rivals introduced new-generation models. Yes, both Honda’s Odyssey and Chevrolet’s Pacifica minivans arrived totally new, and both offer better features at the moment.

2018 Kia Sedona refresh

More power and 8 gears

According to information we have, the 2018 Kia Sedona won’t feature cosmetic changes only. No, the minivan will boost both power and efficiency. The current V6 engine stays, yet it’s going to get a few additional ponies. Don’t expect anything big, but there will be at least 10 ponies over the current 276 hp. So, how this improves minivan’s fuel economy? Well, the powertrain is getting a new gearbox. Yes, today’s six-speed is going down the toilet and instead, the 2018 Sedona is getting an all-new smooth shifting 8-speed automatic transmission.

Refreshed exterior, better interior

As we said earlier, the vehicle will feature a refreshed styling as well. The camouflage hides the details, but we think the minivan might get a redesigned ends and perhaps new wheels. However, the grille and headlights won’t be all-new but updated, while the bumper may add bigger air intakes. Around back, the refreshed Sedona will get a pair of new taillights and nothing else.

In contrast to the exterior that looks good already and needs no any big improvements, the interior has to be completely revamped. No, it’s not that we hate the current cabin, but it lacks behind the competition. This is why the carmaker plans to add a completely new infotainment system. Plus, they might try to improve seating configuration and make it closer to the Honda Odyssey’s amazing seating arrangement. Still, we can’t say anything closer, simply because we haven’t seen the interior yet.

Stay tuned for updates.

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