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You probably know that Toyota’s luxury brand discontinued Lexus CT 200h in the North America. Yes, instead of the classy hatchback, the buyers will get the all-new UX crossover. Even though we are can’t wait to see the new high-riding vehicle in the U.S., we are also disappointed because there will be no Lexus’ hatchback here. Especially now when they decided to introduce the special 2018 Lexus CT200h TRD, which will be sold in Japan only.

2018 LEXUS CT200h TRD

Although the hatchback has not been totally redesigned since 2011, it’s still a pretty cool option. The manufacturer facelifted the model last year, so we were very surprised with the TRD-treated model. Still, there is no better place to sell specially tuned cars from Japan, which explains everything. Plus, this way everybody forgets that the hatchback hasn’t suffered any serious improvement over six years.

The 2018 Lexus CT200h TRD features a few pretty amazing styling changes in the front. There are shaded headlights and a new grille with an extra trim, as well as one extra trim in the back which looks like a fake vent. Plus, the new muffler features four exhaust pipes. The hot hatch sits on four 18-inch wheels with Lexus logo in the middle. However, that’s not the most unusual details here. As you can see, new taillights feature really strange eyebrows treatment, which is weird even for the CT200h. Though, we have to say that the new black painted side skirts are really nice detail.

2018 LEXUS CT200h TRD

We haven’t seen the interior yet, so we can’t really say whether the carmaker added something special inside or no. On the other hand, we are sure that there is nothing new under the hood. Just like the regular model, the 2018 Lexus CT200h TRD will feature a 134 horsepower strong gasoline-electric powertrain.

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