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According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the updated 2018 Nissan Armada will go sale on Friday, September 1. As you can see, the SUV gets no exterior changes at all, but it’s going to be a bit more expensive option from the current model. More precisely, the SV and SL will cost exactly $700 more, while the topping Platinum trim goes up in price by $1100 and now costs $59,885. You are probably asking yourself what’s new.


Well, all 2018 Armada trims will host an updated infotainment system, which will continue to use an 8.0-inch display. Plus, the new SUV features a few additional USB ports.

As for the Platinum, the top trim will also feature Nissan’s new “smart” rearview-mirror technology. It’s basically the Intelligent Rear View Mirror which uses a camera mounted on the rear tailgate and an LCD screen mounted on the rearview mirror. The camera projects a real-time image onto the LCD, so the driver gets the entire picture of what’s happening behind the vehicle. In case you want to use the normal mirror, you can deactivate the system with a simple push of a button.

In case you don’t know, Cadillac introduced a similar system a few years ago, so we know what to expect. Based on previous experiences, the I-RVM is quite helpful, because your view can’t be blocked by cargo or passengers.

The 2018 Nissan Armada will continue to use a 5.6-liter V-8 as always. The engine produces 390 horsepower.

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