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Tesla might be a pioneer of electric cars that can go hand in hand with the regular gasoline models, but it seems that they won’t be the first one that offers an electric pickup. No, because today’s greenest truck comes from a completely different direction and it will be named the 2018 Workhorse W-15 Plug-in Pickup. However, the vehicle isn’t officially revealed yet, so there is still some time for Tesla to be the first.

In any case, the 2018 Workhorse W-15 PHEV offers an interesting powertrain. The carmaker added a lithium-ion battery pack that powers front and rear motors. This way, the pickup can cross up to 80 miles. We agree it’s not as impressive as Tesla’s cars, but the all-electric driving range is pretty good. Plus, there is a gasoline engine that boosts the range on 300 miles.

According to the car manufacturer, truck’s efficiency will be around 75 MPGe, which is pretty impressive when you take into the account that the powertrain delivers around 460 horsepower. As for the E-Gen mode, it’s rated at 32 mpg city and 28 highway, which is still pretty good result. Charging wise, the vehicle will be able to eke out the energy by using 10-volt, 240-volt, and DC fast chargers. For example, the typical home 240-volt charger isn’t too fast, so the truck will need to be plugged six to seven hours.

2018 Workhorse W-15 Plug-in Pickup

The 2018 Workhorse W-15 PHEV won’t be able to compete with Ford’s, Chevy’s or Ram’s trucks, simply because it’s not as capable as they are. It’s quite heavy due to the battery (7,200 pounds) and has a payload of 2,200 pounds, but the tow rating of 6,000 pounds isn’t good enough. However, Workhorse plans to introduce the bigger W-25 and W-35 models, which will definitely have higher capabilities.

2018 Workhorse W-15 Plug-in Pickup

Judging by the information we have, the 2018 Workhorse W-15 Plug-in Pickup will become available next year, most likely next spring. The price should be around $52,500, but there will be about $7,500 federal tax rebate.

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