2019 Genesis G80 Spotted Camouflaged: It Could Be A Hybrid Or Even A Diesel

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Yes, you are looking into a camouflaged prototype of the 2019 Genesis G80, and no, the sedan is not receiving any kind of early mid-cycle refresh, because it’s too soon for any kind of changes. So, what’s going on here? Well, there are two possible ways: the carmaker either works on a performance version of the sedan or this is some kind of hybrid. Moreover, the prototype could be both: a high-performance hybrid car, meaning there might be a special drivetrain under the hood.

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The 2019 Genesis G80 Hybrid (if it is a hybrid) might use a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 and a single electric motor. Since the V6 itself delivers 365 horsepower, the electric motor could add some additional power in order to surpass V8’s 420 horsepower. Of course, the car manufacturer won’t miss the chance to add an electric-only range, which is going to be limited to 30 miles at most.

The camouflaged prototype looks pretty much the same as the regular model. The only differences are fenders, which appears to be hand-made. In addition, both front and rear bumper feature some heavy camouflage, so there might be some changes there too. Still, nothing more will happen from the outside without any doubt.

There is one more theory about the mysterious prototype of the 2019 Genesis G80. Some reports claim that this could be the European version of the car. Now, the Euro-specs model will likely lack some of the options under the hood (most likely the V8), but there should be no other changes at all, which means that the theory doesn’t make any sense at all.

What makes sense is an all-new diesel option. Yes, the carmaker could add its 2.2-Liter CRDi unit for the European customers. The turbo-diesel oil-burner is already available under the hood of the Hyundai Sant Fe and Kia Stinger, so why would not be one more option under the hood of the amazing sedan? The unit will deliver around 200 horsepower and 441 Nm (325 lb-ft of torque) and will be paired with a Shiftronic eight-speed automatic transmission. we have nothing on fuel economy, but the diesel will definitely provide better results than any of today’s gasoline units.

In any case, if there’s something really going on, the South Korean car manufacturer will have to do some additional tests of the upcoming G80 and we will be there to figure out what’s really happening, so stay tuned for updates.

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