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Even though we have nothing official about the 2019 Honda Fit so far, everything we’ve found out is fitting in some previous rumors. The amazing car will reportedly undergo a complete redesign which will bring a totally new look, better engines, and a bit larger footprint.

2019 Honda Fit

Yes, the 2019 Fit will be both longer and wider form its predecessor thanks to its new architecture. Though, it’s very important to know that the bigger platform won’t have any negative influence on car’s curb weight. On the country, the underpinning will us lighter materials, which will reportedly shed exactly 66 pounds from the amazing city car.

These additional inches will definitely have a positive influence on car’s interior. The next-generation Honda Fit might also host an updated version of its magic seats, which will in combination with more room likely enable a class-leading space.

We haven’t caught any testing prototype so far, so we can’t really know what’s going to change on the exterior of the car. Still, we think that the car won’t be too different from its predecessor because Honda has no reason to change its winning combination. The 2019 Honda Fit will probably get a more sloped roof and completely redesigned front end, as well as all-new interior design, including Honda’s latest infotainment and safety kit.

Power of the new generation Fit will come from at least two options. The conventional gasoline model will allegedly use a 1.0-liter turbo engine, which should deliver around 127 horsepower. Of course, the unit will use CVT transmission. The second model will use a hybrid powertrain. If we have the right information, the 2019 Honda Fit Hybrid will use a powertrain that combines a 1.5-liter unit with an i-MMD system, achieving almost the same amount of power as the gasoline model, but significantly less fuel. The third option is also highly possible, but we don’t think it’s going to be available before 2019. It’s an all-electric Honda Fit. In case you haven’t seen, the Japanese carmaker introduced the Urban EV concept recently, and we think that the redesigned Fit can receive the same powertrain.

We will see what’s actually happening in the coming days, so stay tuned for updates.

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