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Honda started testing its third generation Insight a few days ago, and we managed to catch the first testing mule. However, it’s pretty hard to see what’s cooking out there simply because the Japanese car manufacturer is using the body of the Honda City. Unofficially, the 2019 Honda Insight is testing its new hybrid powertrain, which will reportedly be capable to fight against Toyota’s amazing Prius.

2019 Honda Insight testing mule

In case you didn’t know the previous Insight Hybrid was canceled due to very poor sale, so we were wondering what’s going to be so special under the hood of the new generation model. Well, it appears to be that the Japanese car manufacturer plans to add pretty much the same powertrain as it currently uses the Accord Hybrid. Of course, the two-motor hybrid system won’t be supported by a 2.0-liter unit, but with some a bit smaller gasoline engine. Allegedly, the car will get both hybrid and plug-in hybrid options.

So, you must be wondering how on earth we know that this is not the City but the Insight model?  Well, it’s quite simple because the testing mule is stretched and widened for the needs. Plus, the extensions on rear doors and hood are a reason more for us that the shell hides the 2019 Insight under the skin.

2019 Honda Insight testing mule

If it’s not the third-generation Insight, then it’s an all-new car from Honda. However, that’s less likely because we would found out that earlier for sure.

In any case, we will find out more in the coming months for sure, so stay tuned.

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