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When it comes to the sports cars, it’s pretty clear that today’s Honda isn’t anywhere near its former successes. The carmaker from Japan offered a range of vehicle of the kind, starting from Civic SI, CRX, and S2000, all the way to the almost forgotten Prelude. Well, the last one nameplate is about to make a comeback. Although unofficial, the information is quite solid, because it comes directly from the carmaker. More precisely, they are getting ready to introduce a new all-electric sporty concept car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. How do we know it’s going to preview the 2019 Honda Prelude? Well, it was quite easy, because we asked and they told us.

2019 Honda Prelude teaser

Though, that’s pretty much everything we’ve managed to found out since the carmaker won’t to say anything else regarding the future prelude. Still, judging by the upcoming concept car, the future two-door coupe from Honda will rely on electricity only.

We know that because it’s going to share the platform with the Urban EV concept. There is nothing on the powertrain, but we expect to feel some power from it. Plus, it has to be able to cross at least 150 miles. Otherwise, there is no need for introducing the electric 2019 Honda Prelude at all. If you listen to the latest rumors, you will found out that the coupe will be limited to 200 horsepower and just 80 miles of range. These ponies will reportedly power the rear axle only, though, like we said before, we expect at least a twice better range from the rumored.

The earlier Urban EV concept pointed in which direction thinks the Japanese carmaker. They’ve shown plenty of latest and future technologies which we expect along with the 2019 Honda Prelude. However, they did a great job with the interior styling, which got a touch of past as well. Hopefully, this will be the case with the new generation Prelude coupe as well.

The concept model of the Prelude will arrive next month, but the real question is whether it’s going to reach the production. If you want our opinion, we are pretty sure it’s going to happen, but not right away. No, the production model will probably become available in 2019. Even though we would like to sense a smell of fuel here, the electric coupe from Honda might be a good deal. After all, electric cars are the future, so let’s stay open-minded; perhaps the electric Prelude coupe isn’t a bad thing at all.

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