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Honda is definitely bringing back its iconic S2000 roadster. We know you’ve heard these rumors a million times before but this seems to be true. The Japanese car manufacturer will reportedly introduce an all-new 2019 Honda S2000 roadster next year for its 70th year anniversary. Now, we are also pretty sure that you’ve also heard that the next generation S2000 is coming in a pair with a new Civic Type R’s engine – the amazing 2.0-liter turbocharged four makes 306 hp, but that’s not going to happen at all.

2019 Honda S2000

No, according to our source, the manufacturer won’t do that because that won’t be anything special at all. Yes, the mighty mill is really outstanding, maybe a perfect option for the roadster’s comeback, but it’s also already familiar. This way, the future car won’t be so special for a celebratory model, so the producer needs something else to offer. Judging by the information we have, they are developing both, unique chassis and engine for the roadster. The 2019 Honda S2000 will reportedly use a two-stage electric boosting system – the technology that combines an electrically driven supercharger and a conventional turbocharger, as well as a bypass valve. The system is rumored to be light, very efficient, and capable to develop at least 320 horsepower. Moreover, in order to optimize weight distribution, the engine will come in a pair with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic which will be fitted transaxle.

The iconic roadster hadn’t been spotted until now, so we can’t really say how it will look. However, judging by the latest speculations and new and mysterious patent drawings we have, the sports car will largely resemble the flagship Acura NSX.

2019 Honda S2000

Of course, the 2019 S2000 will be a less expensive option from Honda’s halo car. We have nothing official yet, but the car should not cross $50K, or at least we think so. The anniversary vehicle should be introduced next year at the Paris auto show.

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