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You probably know that Mercedes works on the second generation G-Class. Yes, the amazing SUV will finally receive a complete redesign after almost forty years, but these are not the only news. We just caught some prototypes in the snowy and cold Sweden. However, in contrast to some earlier camouflaged vehicles, the newest SUVs are a bit different. This is because you are looking at the prototypes of the 2019 Mercedes AMG G63.


Mercedes’ performance division will clearly separate its models from the regular with several pretty distinctive details. The wrapped testing SUV hides most of the new styling, yet we managed to spot the larger air intakes in the bumper, as well as a bit larger wheels along with the huge brakes. Of course, the AMG model will feature its own grille and AMG badge on the outside, while the interior could sport some specific details. From what we managed to see, the cab will sport a totally new dashboard with the integrated touchscreen infotainment. The multifunctional steering wheel appears to be redesigned too, while the SUV gets the digital instrument cluster as well.

The new aluminum-intensive platform will make the 2019 Mercedes AMG G63 significantly lighter than before. The rumors indicate it might shed up to 800 pounds, which would be really impressive and useful. In addition to the new architecture, the new generation AMG G63 is also getting a new engine. In favor of the current 5.5-liter unit, they will offer a 4.0-liter twin-turbo mill with up to 612 horsepower. Need more power? Well, you can always pick the range-topping G65, which is getting an updated 6.0-liter V12.


According to the latest reports, AMG’s high-performance G-Class SUV will be introduced late next year, likely at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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