2019 Ram 1500 Overview: Redesigned Pickup Truck Introduced and Detailed

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Nothing’s going to be the same after the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, at least not in the most popular full-size pickup truck segment. The motor city has hosted a couple new-gen workhorses this year, which will definitely make some changes in the segment. The biggest name is the 2019 Ram 1500 without any doubt. The workhorse has received a number of changes inside, out, and under the hood. The differences are perhaps the least evident on the exterior, but when we scratch beneath the skin, the half-ton pickup shows some amazing features. Speaking of features, safety equipment, for instance, counts up to 100. Yes, you’ve heard well. There are exactly 100 standard and available safety features. But let’s start under the hood because the heart is the most important part of every living creature, including vehicles.

2019 Ram 1500 front-end

Engines and Platform

There are no four-cylinder option or turbo-four hybrids as some earlier rumors suggested. Instead, the producer kept things pretty simple. The redesigned Ram 1500 offers one V6 and one V8 engine. Plus, it’s going to add a new diesel option in a year.

The starting model will still use the familiar 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, though, the gasoline unit comes paired with a mild-hybrid system. This 48-volt hybrid setup, well, this isn’t anything big at all, but it helps the truck to improve fuel economy thanks with start-stop technology and adds 90 lb-ft of torque, which is low-end and it doesn’t raise the overall output. Speaking of which, the V6 model is limited to respectable 305 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of twist.

The more potent 5.7-liter V8 Hemi is also mated to a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. Though, the eTorque setup provides 130 pound-feet here, while the overall output reaches 385 hp and 410 lb-ft. In contrast to the V6-powered model, which is exclusively available with the hybrid generator-alternator (name it as you want), the Hemi can be ordered without the feature. Still, even though it claims that the new technology significantly improves truck’s fuel economy, the carmaker didn’t release any information regarding the matter. As for the transmission options, well it’s limited to a single, 8-speed automatic gearbox, which has suffered a few improves too.

The 2019 Ram 1500 rides on a new platform. The architecture hosts aluminum, but not as much as some new trucks have. No, the carmaker did that, we dare to say, perfectly. The truck gets aluminum hood and tailgate, as well as lower control arms, while the rest of the body uses high strength steel. The result may not be as imposing as Ford’s, but the cut of 225 pounds doesn’t sound bad at when we know that the new-gen Ram 1500 features a slightly larger footprint. More precisely, there are four additional inches in the length and half-inch in the width. Guess what, all that extra space will be used for the cabin only, because the producer wants to make the truck, well as comfortable as the best sedans.

new-gen Ram 1500 rear-end

Suspension and Capabilities

Still, as the comfort doesn’t come from the cabin only, they were forced to introduce some ride-quality changes. The new suspension will reportedly improve both ride and handling. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the independent front suspension gets composite upper and aluminum lower control arms. The half-ton truck hosts standard coilover front shocks and front stabilizer. The rear axle is connected to five-link coil suspension (a new one), which helps the truck to improve towing and payload capacities. The first will be limited to 12,750 pounds, while the second should reach 2,300 pounds.

Of course, the optional equipment is always better. For instance, the manufacturer offers the 2019 Ram 1500 equipped with optional air suspension. Moreover, you can get the model with air suspension in all four corners. Can you imagine how smooth the ride is? We neither.

Speaking of the smoothness, we’ve almost forgotten to mention that the half-ton pickup truck features totally new shocks with frequency response dampening. Meaning, the when inputs are slow bypass valves are closed. Otherwise, the dampening is softened.

As for the benefits of the 4WD model, it’s using standard two Borg Warner transfer cases which deliver full-time or on-demand 4WD capabilities. A limited-slip differential is available with all three drive ratios: 3.21, 3.55 and 3.92.

2019 Ram 1500 front seats

Exterior and Interior

Ram has kicked off their usual crosshairs grille for good after almost 60 years of existence. Still, in place of it, the pickup truck offers seven independent designs, which is great, because most of them are really gorgeous. The new grille or grilles are not the only exterior change of course. As you can see, the vehicle looks completely different front the front largely thanks to the widened bulge on the hood and significantly taller and narrower fenders. The potential buyers can pick the headlight design, too. In case you choose some lower trim, you will get the lights which are pretty much similar to today’s pair of candles. On the other hand, the vanilla models are featuring LED-treated slim and sleek headlights, which look much better. As for the bumper, well, it also gets two options, so you can get either body-colored unit or chromed. We always vote for the shiny material, but again what do we know? The workhorse gets two tow hooks as always. Still, they are significantly lowered and widened. Have you seen the parking sensors? No is the right answer because they are finally integrated correctly. Around back, the 2019 Ram 1500 hosts a pair of pretty familiar taillights. They are new alright, yet they also resemble the current one. Though, the buyer can choose between halogen and LED taillights. The pickup truck can be ordered in 12 different color combinations, including three two-tone options. However, that doesn’t sound too impressive as it is 16 wheel designs. The choice is even harder when you can get from 18 to 22-inch wheels.

2019 Ram 1500 seats

Inside, well, the most suitable word to describe the cabin is “massive”. The word goes perfectly with the center console and a new 12-inch touchscreen infotainment. There are five USB ports, while every single place has been covered with heated and ventilated technology. Of course, a 5.0-inch display will be equipped on base trucks, yet the majority is going to feature 8.4-inch touchscreens. Do we have to mention that the truck is going to offer a range of trim options, including several leather treatments and some high-quality wood? Of course not, because this always goes with the Ram 1500. A 19-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system fits perfectly to a 10-inch subwoofer, but this is just for the toppers.

2019 Ram 1500 dashboard

What’s Next

This is not everything we know about the all-new 2019 Ram 1500. Still, as there’s going to be a number of trims and options, we will have to wait for some official information about the levels of equipment and price range. This will happen pretty soon because the new-gen model is going to hit the dealerships before the end of March.

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