2020 Ford Electric SUV Spy Shots and First Details

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Ford will definitely expand its SUV lineup for at least one more member in the next two years. We know that because the automaker currently works on the vehicle. Plus, we’ve spied a testing prototype of what appears to be the new SUV. Moreover, we are pretty sure that the camouflaged model isn’t wearing any familiar nameplate, simply, because it looks totally different from every available high-riding model in Ford’s lineup. Can you figure out what the camo hides in the front? No?

Even though it’s totally wrapped around, it’s quite clear that the unnamed prototype hides a Mustang-based front-end design. Ford isn’t the first carmaker that took the nose of the sports car and placed it at SUV’s face. No, the idea came from Chevrolet, as they did the same thing with the Blazer that largely resembles the Camaro. In any case, the Mustang-inspired SUV won’t be just one more ordinary compact crossover. On the contrary, it’s going to be very special thanks to its powertrain. We still have no the details regarding the system that’s going to power the vehicle, yet we know that it’s going to use electric power only.

The 2020 Ford Electric SUV will reportedly host a powertrain that’s going enable a driving range of around 300 miles, which is, you have to agree, pretty impressive for the starter. There’s no info regarding the power that should be available, but the automaker will probably create a system that can match with the biggest rivals. In addition, they’ve made a modular platform for electric cars only, which is going to support a number of EVs in the near future, so you can expect more electrified model from Blue Oval facilities in the coming years.

About the name, well, the 2020 Ford Electric SUV was originally planned to be named the March 1, but the fans don’t like the idea at all, so the carmaker has to think of something better. Perhaps you have something interesting in mind?

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