2020 Mercedes-Maybach GLS Spied Testing

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The most luxurious and expensive Mercedes GLS has been spied testing a few hours ago. The German automaker drove out a prototype of the upscale 2020 Mercedes-Maybach GLS and our photographers managed to catch a few shots.

Unfortunately, the photographs don’t reveal any particular detail, so the actual design stays hidden at the moment. Judging by our experience, however, the premium SUV will feature pretty much identical body as the regular GLS, while almost everything else should be at least just a bit different. Take the grille for an example: you don’t have to see the uncovered one to notice so big differences between this one and one that gets the regular model. That is because the 2020 Mercedes-Maybach GLS is going to feature the same grille as the Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept. The headlights definitely look like the usual one, but the production model will at least get a bit different graphics. It’s pretty much the same with the taillights. Bumpers, on the other hand, will probably be totally redesigned, while the side pillars at the rear should host Maybach logos. The automaker may also offer a two-tone color scheme as an option, as well as four-seat arrangement inside (also as one of the options).

The gorgeous 2020 Mercedes-Maybach GLS will share MHA platform with the regular GLS. It will also borrow an engine, yet this time from AMG department. The carmaker will exclude a V12 this time. Instead, the magnificent SUV will be paired with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. It’s still unclear how many horses is going develop the powertrain, but taking into account how mighty the mill can be, the Maybach GLS will not lack power without any doubt. Some reports indicate a plug-in hybrid option under the hood, but we highly doubt in that.

The luxurious SUV will make the appearance in early 2020. Of course, it will be very limited and very expensive toy. The biggest rivals are going to be the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

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