2021 BMW i4 Electric Sports Sedan: Tesla’s Model 3 biggest rival spotted testing

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Is this BMW making some changes on its 4-Series Gran Coupe? No. This one uses electricity only. As far as we’ve managed to find out, the camouflage hides the 2021 BMW i4 Electric Sports Sedan which is coming to fight against Tesla Model 3.

So how come the new model looks almost exactly like the most popular Gran Coupe that the Bavarian carmaker owns? Well, that’s the catch; they want to look almost exactly, hoping that potential buyers want something familiar, reliable, something they know already.

Aside from the looks, the 2021 BMW i4 Electric Sports Sedan will have almost nothing in common with the popular nameplate of course. Okay, the option will exploit the carmaker’s modular CLAR architecture, but it will be mated to a completely new drivetrain. The car will offer both rear- and all-wheel drive systems and several battery packs. The automaker intends to have 60 kWh, 90 kWh and 120 kWh battery options in the near future. However, the 2021 BMW i4 Electric Sports Sedan will most likely feature first two options only.

More precisely, the entry-point model will use the 60-kWh battery that will supply an electric motor which will be mounted on the front, yet it will feed the rear axle via a fixed ratio transmission.

The more potent and definitely more expensive i4 will use a 90-kWh battery two motors (one for each axle). The all-wheel-drive system will get approximately 350 horsepower and ability to travel up to 435 miles (700 kilometers) won a single charging.

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