2021 Ford F150 EV Could Use VW’s Battery Technology

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No, Blue Oval’s most profitable model isn’t getting any kind of comprehensive makeover at the moment. Instead, the automaker started doing something much more important. The popular full-size pickup truck is definitely getting a hybrid powertrain that will use EcoBoost gas-engine, which will be teamed up with an electric motor. Interestingly, word on the street is that this particular prototype isn’t the hybrid. The testing truck has been plugged in the front and hosts a tailpipe around back, but it is not a PHEV either. According to what we’ve managed to find out, the car manufacturer started working on the 2021 Ford F150 EV. The pure-electric pickup truck will most probably be ready to arrive by the end of 2020.

How come it’s not the PHEV?

Well, the trick with exhaust is common in the early phase of development. Meaning, it doesn’t necessary means that there is an internal consumption engine under the hood if the car has the pipe in the back. Plus, the 2021 F150 EV gets a higher ride height in order to place the big battery under the cabin and bed.

It’s fair to say that we have nothing on the powertrain at the moment. However, the F150 is the best truck for years in back, so it has to bring a bazooka to a knife fight. Meaning, if the only available electric pickup truck today, the Rivian R1T, offers drive-range of 400 miles, the 2021 F150 EV has to do a lot better, which won’t be an easy task at all. Not to mention that the aforementioned workhorse gets a four-motor system with 788 horsepower and towing capacity up to 11,000 pounds. Bearing in mind that Blue Oval hasn’t developed anything that can compare with the technology that Rivian has, we were asking ourselves what’s the catch with the 2021 Ford F150 EV.

We are not sure, but here’s a theory:

Ford made a collaboration agreement with Volkswagen Group not so long ago. Since carmakers haven’t announced any details of the deal, there has to be some catch, don’t you think so? VW possess pretty amazing EV technology that has been previewed with the ID Crozz crossover concept, which will, by the way, enter into production next year. The electric SUV is limited to 310 miles and 300 hp, though. That may not be good enough for Ford’s pickup truck, but the full-sizer could use a much bigger battery, which will provide additional drive-range.

There’s another catch regarding the completely electric pickup truck from Blue Oval. Rivian decided to sell the entry-point workhorse from $69,000, while the topper stops at $90,000. Since we are talking about the F150, the price could go up, but again, it can’t go too far from the biggest competitor. By the time the 2021 Ford F150 EV, there might be a few more rivals because Tesla and Workhorse work on their own models.

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