2021 Jaguar J-Pace Will Be Cayenne’s and Levante’s Biggest Nightmare

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According to Autocar, Jaguar is working on yet another SUV. The vehicle will reportedly attack mid-size luxury SUV segment, so let’s say that we expect as good SUV as they are Maserati’s all-new Levante or Porsche’s Cayenne. The future high-riding model will be named the 2021 Jaguar J-Pace and will arrive before the end of 2020.

The carmaker doesn’t really need too many new things to make the J-Pace alive. No, because the British car manufacturer plans to use a familiar platform and features. The architecture will be shared with the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, so we know that there is going to plenty of aluminum involved. Though they promised an updated version of the chassis, so there might be some additional surprises as well.

Speaking of surprises, Jaguar’s next flagship SUV will reportedly use an all-new plug-in hybrid powertrain. There is nothing about the system at the moment, though we expect to be as powerful as Cayenne’s electrified model. In addition, the carmaker will not skip the chance to add amazing gasoline engines. The crossover will use a more potent version of today’s supercharged V6, which deliver 380 horsepower, as well as the impressive 5.0 V8.

Even though the 2021 Jaguar J-Pace seems like a copy of the Range Rover, it’s not going to be for sure. Instead, the mid-size luxury crossover will look smoother and more refined. Just imagine a larger F-pace with an even more dynamic body and longer rooflines. The longer footprint will be paired with a wider body, so the J-Pace should provide plenty of space inside, or maybe even seats for 7 passengers. The crucial difference between the Range Rover and Jaguar’s future flagship SUV is going to be a lower ground clearance of the newcomer. In contrast to the Land Rover’s machinery which provides ultimate off-road experience, the 2021 J-Pace will offer a far better on-road behavior and impressive handling.

The all-new SUV from Jaguar will probably have pretty much the same base price as the biggest rivals. The current Cayenne starts over $60K, so we don’t expect the J-Pace to be a cheaper option.

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