BMW iX3 Electric Crossover Concept

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BMW is making a fashionable compact electric crossover for the future. The vehicle is going to be introduced these days at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, though it has been previewed online with a couple of images already, so we know pretty much everything about it already.

The BMW iX3 concept features a unique exterior design which is essentially different from the regular X3. It’s been paired with a quartet of specific wheels and an extraordinary grille that’s, by the way, sealed off to reduce air resistance. The crossover is fitted with some blue accents which make the overall design more impressive. Still, no matter how these details differ from the usual SUVs, the electric crossover isn’t as odd as the other electric models from BMW. Just look at the i3 or i8 and you will see what we are talking about.

The most important part of every electric vehicle is its powertrain. We can’t say that the BMW iX3 is as impressive as we’ve expected, but it will be a good deal regardless of the fact. The German carmaker is working on new batteries as we speak, but they obviously won’t be done for the iX3. Instead, the electric crossover gets motivation from one engine which draws power from a 70 kWh battery. According to BMW, the single motor will be able to deliver 270 horsepower, while drive range should be limited to 250 miles. They also claim that the SUV is going to use a fast charging technology, which will reportedly recharge 80 percent of the capacity in just 30 minutes.

Since it’s going to fight against the Tesla Model Y, Jaguar I-Pace, and Mercedes-Benz EQC, the BMW iX3 will probably cost almost like the closest rivals. The concept will definitely go into production, but this is not going to happen until late 2019.

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