BMW Vision iNext Concept Shows The Bavarian Electric SUV Of The Future

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After you see the newest Bavarian-developed vehicle, you will probably realize that the automaker develops a completely new segment that has nothing in common with today’s models. To be even weirder, the futuristic sub-brand isn’t as far as it looks like at the first glance. As a matter of fact, the BMW Vision iNext concept previews the automaker’s first-ever completely electric SUV that’s going to be introduced in 2021.

At the first glance, the concept SUV shares just the distinctive kidney grille with other BMWs, but that’s not completely true as the grille isn’t actually a grille. In contrast to its usual airflow purpose, this one is here to make the showpiece more handsome. Instead of letting air to go inside, the grille gets a number of sensors which will be in charge for self-driving capabilities. More precisely, the production version will use Level 3 technology without any doubt. The carmaker, however, has a plan to upgrade the system with Level 4 sometime later. According to them, the main difference between these systems is the time of span that’s going to be given to the driver to take back controls. While Level 3 requires driver’s constant awareness, Level 4 capability will enable napping time for the driver.

As for the rest of the design, well, let’s say that the BMW Vision iNext hosts over-accented body lines, which are quite usual for concept models. The actual exterior design will definitely be totally different from this one. The carmaker may, on the other hand, preserve some details inside such as a large panoramic glass roof and head-up displays, as well as voice activation system.

Since we are talking about an EV it would be nice knowing what powers the SUV. Well, the carmaker didn’t want to reveal all details regarding the drivetrain. Instead, they suggested that there will be a pair of electric motors. We assume one for each axle. The motors will be mated to the fifth-generation batteries. With the biggest battery that’s going to be limited to 120 kWh, the production version of the BMW Vision iNext will reportedly be able to travel around 370 miles on a single charge. The motors will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds only.

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