Buick Enspire Concept Is An Electric SUV With 550 Horsepower And 370 Miles Of Range

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The electric car market is not going to be same any longer when Buick introduces its all-new Enspire electric SUV concept. The intriguing vehicle has been previewed yesterday ahead of the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, so we know pretty much everything about before the official debut.

The gorgeous-looking electric crossover will show some amazing skills indeed. According to Buick, it will be capable to develop 550 horsepower from its 410 kW electric motor. The motor will force the SUV to speed up from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds, which is an amazing result. A fully-charged Enspire will reportedly be able to cross 370 miles, while the crossover is going to have fast and wireless charging options. While Buick didn’t say anything regarding the wireless charging feature, they did say that the fast charging should provide up to 80 percent of recovery in 40 minutes, which is, you have to agree, pretty fast.

The fast-going crossover sports a fast-looking design. The sleek and dynamic exterior host a pretty impressive grille and slim headlights, as well as a quite simple, yet effective taillight strip, which is LED of course. No matter how good it looks, the Buick Enspire concept will probably lose its aggressiveness if the car manufacturer introduces the production model. Though, we would like to see the cool cabin untouched. It sports an OLED touchscreen infotainment and an awesome windshield features augmented reality capabilities. Thus the driver gets road information and navigation routes right ahead of its eyes.

If the production version of the Buick Enspire electric SUV sees the light of the day it will probably be in the same range as the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace, which means that the starting price is going to be around $80,000.

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