Redesigned 2019 BMW X5 Spotted Outside: Looks Really Awesome

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Today’s automobile industry is changing so fast. However, some things are staying pretty much the same. For instance, BMW is introducing the new-generation X5 SUV on every seven years. This lifecycle rule has been around since the first version arrived and will be when the 2019 BMW X5 steps out of the production facilities. This will happen pretty fast because the redesigned model seems to be done. The latest spy shots can be called spy thanks to the thin camouflage which isn’t hiding anything. What’s more, the successor is showing pretty much everything we need to know.

2019 BMW X5 spy

On Styling

The new exterior design isn’t as boxy as we’ve used to, but that’s great because thus BMW shows the new impulse which brings more dynamic and attractive front-end styling and gorgeous interior. The shark-looking nose and aggressive headlights are dominated up front, while the sculpted hood just boosts the overall impression. The brawnier design continues through the shoulder and roof, all the way back, where the 2019 X5 hosts a totally redesigned rear hatch with a pair of interesting, most likely LED, taillights and a quartet of exhaust pipes, which are peeking out of the massive bumper.

2019 BMW X5 spy rear

New Architecture and Engines

The chunky exterior sits on the new, lightweight CLAR platform, which brings some new rules under the hood. The redesigned BMW X5 will feature pretty much the same powertrain as the new 5-Series sedan, so you can do the count already what suits you the best. Still, the 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines are not everything the crossover is going to offer. No, the German carmaker will also add one or two plug-in hybrid options. Do we have to mention M Performance and M versions? Of course not, because we’ve caught the topper earlier. In case you don’t know, it’s going to feature a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 600+ horsepower, which is amazing.

The 2019 BMW X5 will share the architecture with the larger X7, but that’s not everything these two should have in common. Even though it’s the smaller model, the X5 will host the same features and technologies inside, as well as the latest safety kit. Still, it’s better to wait just a little bit more, because the all-new crossover should be introduced very soon, most likely at the end of this or beginning of the next year.

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