Redesigned 2019 Mitsubishi Delica Spotted Outside

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Delica nameplate may not be too familiar worldwide, but it’s a quite familiar minivan in Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Today’s model is introduced back in 2007 as the fifth generation Delica and it’s pretty much unchanged since then, which is, you have to agree a pretty long period. Still, this is going to change pretty fast, because the Japanese automaker is doing some final tests of the totally redesigned 2019 Mitsubishi Delica.

Judging by the newest spy shots, the new-generation Mitsubishi Delica will not have anything in common with the predecessor. Instead of the current architecture, the minivan will rely on Outlander’s platform. That’s not everything. No, the 2019 Delica is definitely getting a higher ground clearance, as well as seating for up to eight passengers. The camouflaged prototype may not reveal everything, though we are pretty sure that the carmaker won’t skip the chance to introduce some details from last year’ Xpander and Delica Concepts. Meaning, the front end will probably host split headlights, while both front and rear overhangs are definitely shorter than earlier. The boxy bodywork will provide some extra space inside. That’s so obvious because the minivan stays at the same height all the way to the rear window. Unfortunately, the automaker won’t use concept long taillights which would stretch up to the D-pillars. Instead, the camouflaged prototype hides a much smaller pair of rear lights.

Spy Shots: 2019 Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi will offer both gasoline and diesel engines when the new-gen minivan arrives. While we can’t guarantee you which one gasoline mill the automaker plans to add, we know that the oil-burner 2019 Mitsubishi Delica is going to use a 2.2-liter turbo diesel with 170 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque (390 Nm). They will also add the amazing Super All Wheel Control electronically-controlled AWD system with Active Yaw Control.

The completely redesigned 2019 Mitsubishi Delica is going to be introduced before the end of this year at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show.

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