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According to the car manufacturer, Tesla’s all models are now available with Level 5 autonomy. This is a hardware for full self-driving, which doesn’t require driver at all. The system is in the final stage of testing, but it will reportedly be ready for all 2017 models.

Now, if you thought this is something perfect and unmistakable, we must disappoint you, because the producer says it will only be twice as safe as a human driver. Well, at last in the beginning. The good thing is that the driver will be able to take total control over the vehicle at any time and immediately.

The self-driving system includes a wide range of equipment, so it won’t be cheap option at all. According to Mister Mask this sophisticated hardware will cost around $8,000. It includes eight surround cameras providing a 360 degree view around. The cams are capable for the impressive range of 250 meters. There are also 12 ultrasonic sensors that additionally boost car’s visibility, as well as forward-facing radar. The radar is highly important, because it capable of seeing through heavy rain, fog and even dust.


The biggest loss is that the excising models can’t be updated. But in case you just already ordered the car without the option, you are still able to the impressive full self-driving. Of course, you will have to set out additional $8,000.

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