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Toyota’s latest filled patent application will definitely make some progress in resolving problems with blind spots. More precisely, the Toyota pillar cloaking device you see would definitely help with A-pillars issue, which is bigger and bigger every year, because the latest safety regulations constantly demand larger pillars.

Toyota pillar cloaking device

Well, judging by the newest reports, the Japanese car manufacturer has finally found a way to bypass A-pillars (and probably every other). No, they will not make them from glass and no they won’t be invisible. You would be also wrong in case you though there will be cameras as well. Instead, the new Toyota pillar cloaking device will use carefully planned placed mirrors, which will make possible to bend light around an object. Similar solutions exist already, but they usually include several cameras. This, we must say, pretty simple, yet very useful idea will definitely save some money for both the carmaker and potential buyer.

However, the car manufacturer hasn’t announced any information whether they are planning to use the cloaking device for every new model, or just for some specific cars. Moreover, the patent was filed by Toyota America, so it might come with the North American models only.

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