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It’s not the first time they have done this, but we were surprised yet again with Yamaha’s four-wheel vehicle. The bike manufacturer previewed the impressive pickup truck concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. This so-called Yamaha Cross Hub off-road vehicle is one of the tiniest trucks we ever saw so far, but it’s one of the most attractive as well.

Yamaha Cross Hub concept

Yamaha made the pickup that’s not bigger from Honda’s Civic compact, but it’s highly interesting because it provides enough space, well, for everything and everyone. Believe it or not, with 177 inches in length and 77 inches width the Cross Hub fits two bikes in its bed and up to four passengers inside without any problem. They accomplished that with a smart diamond-shaped seating arrangement, where at the top of the diamond sits the driver.

Yamaha Cross Hub concept rear

As for the bed space, it can accommodate two motorcycles because of the special cab treatment, which is seized in the rear, providing enough space for motorcycle’s front wheels. The manufacturer hasn’t provided any information regarding the engine of the first-ever truck, so we don’t know what motivates the Yamaha Cross Hub. Still, it’s quite obvious that the pickup shows off-road nature with these chunky tires and impressive ground clearance.

Yamaha Cross Hub concept inside

Unfortunately, the Cross Hub will not see the light of the day. Yamaha will probably stick to motorcycles for now.

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