2019 Acura CDX Hybrid Ready For 2018 Beijing Auto Show

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The number of crossovers constantly rises, especially in North America. Still, the U.S. car market can’t get everything the other parts of the globe have. They, for instance, lack the Acura CDX subcompact, which is a pretty popular model in China. Okay, the U.S. buyers can get the Honda HR-V sibling, but that’s not the same, because the Acura badge signifies something, well, more exclusive and a bit better. The gorgeous SUV will get something completely new soon. The new feature will be introduced in a few days at the 2018 Beijing auto show, and we hope the Japanese carmaker could reconsider to add the subcompact in the United States, because the 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid will definitely have enough qualities to compete with the biggest names of the segment such as the GLA, QX30, and X2.

The current, non-hybrid CDX is mated to a single gasoline engine. It’s the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder which pumps out 179 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. The engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic, which sends power to either standard front-wheel-drive or optional all-wheel-drive.

When the 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid arrives things are going to become a bit different. The subcompact crossover will reportedly combine the existing 1.5-liter with a single electric motor. The first reports claim that the overall output should be reduced to 160 horsepower, but we don’t see any logic in the claim. The same reports are pretty sure that the SUV is going to switch from 8- to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. As for the gearbox, well, the change has some logic, but the power output should grow, simply because the electric motor must add some power, so we expect somewhere around 200 ponies from the powertrain.

The hybrid version of the CDX crossover should not get any design change. More precisely, the exterior design could add a few new color options, but everything else should stay untouched. It would be pretty much the same story inside of the SUV. The vehicle will likely get new upholstery and perhaps a few new touches across the dashboard, but that’s all.

The 2019 CDX Hybrid will probably cost around $40,000, though the luxury reloaded model will easily reach a price tag of $50,000.


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