Second-Generation Porsche Macan Will Use Electric Power Only

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Porsche’s mid-term plans include approximately half of its lineup to arrive without any kind of internal consumption engine by 2025. Although the promise seems too bold and almost impossible to be done, the automaker is showing strong will, courage, and skill to electrify their fleet. This new chapter in the manufacturer’s history will undoubtedly begin with the upcoming Taycan EV, but the automaker will not stop there. No, Porsche executive board member Albrecht Reimold hinted the arrival of the electric-only 911 in a not so distant future. However, before the legendary sports car gets batteries instead of the awesome 3.8-liter twin-turbo six with 540 horsepower and 487 lb.-ft., the automaker will bring yet another all-electric model. According to the company’s official announcement, the second-generation Porsche Macan will be a fully electric model. Yes, the completely redesigned bestselling nameplate will rely on electricity only, and no, there will be no other option.

The move seems too risky at the moment, but when we take into account what exactly the automaker prepares for the second-generation Macan, we have no doubt what’s the best for the compact luxury crossover. First of all, Porsche is investing $6.8 billion in EV technology, which is a lot of money even for them, and second, they are displaying plenty of knowledge regarding electric technology.

For example, Porsche made available a 350-kilowatt charge point that needs just 4 minutes to enable 62 miles (100 kilometers). The same charger provides almost 250 miles of driving for less than 20 minutes, which is, you have to agree quite amazing. When it arrives sometime in 2021, the Porsche Macan EV will use even faster-charging stations. The manufacturer is currently working on a 450-kilowatt charging station that will undercut a 62 mile-range-capacity to less than 3 minutes.

In addition to the super-fast charging system, Porsche will provide a super-long-lasting battery. Judging by some reports, by using a fully recharged battery, the topping option will be able to travel up to 620 miles (1000 kilometers), which is quite impressive, don’t you think? Of course, the entry-level model will probably be able to cross just a half of the path. The automaker promised an 800-volt electrical system for the second-generation Macan. However, bearing in mind that the aforementioned charging station supports 400-volt and 800-volt battery systems, the base compact crossover will probably use a 400-volt setup.

In contrast to the Taycan that’s going to use Porsche-developed platform code-named the J1, the next-gen Macan will rely on something completely different. The amazing compact luxury SUV will use the PPE architecture. This Premium Platform Electric has been developed in collaboration with Audi, so we should see some similar four-ring models as well.

Porsche intends to build the second-generation Macan at the same place where it currently produces the crossover with internal consumption engines. Of course, the plant in Leipzig will have to be adjusted for EVs.

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