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You may call it the Kai technology concept, but this is essentially the next generation Mazda3. The compact hatchback has been introduced in the concept for three days ago at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show.


Judging by the concept, the redesigned Mazda3 will be one amazing car. The styling previewed here will probably come almost unchanged when the carmaker introduces the next generation of its compact. So-called Kai car looks pretty good. The vehicle essentially shows the new generation of the KODO design language. The front end sports slanted hood and Mazda’s interesting U-shaped grille. The grille is connected with ultra-thin and aggressive headlights, which may not see the production lines. Below the hatch host a mouth-like bumper with a large air intake. Don’t look the next-generation Mazda 3 hatchback from the back, because it sports an angry-looking pair of taillights. Just kidding, it’s pretty cool design, as they are the sides of the car. The hatch also sports dual-exhaust layout which will likely see be the part of the production model. The large wheels from the concept will not see the light of the day when the production model arrives, with the exception of the high-performance version, which will be available as well.


Surprisingly, the interior lacks Mazda’s usual tablet-like screen. Instead, the Kai concept sports a totally different wide digital screen, which we like better from the aforementioned solution. The design is pretty clean and simple, while the seats you see support a person’s natural spine position, or at least the producer says that.

What they haven’t said is what motivates the hatchback. Stile since the car rides on Mazda’s latest architecture we know it’s going to be supported with a new Skyactiv-X gasoline engine. More precisely, a 2.0-liter engine which will be backed up with Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition will be the best available option under the hood of the next-generation Mazda3. Compared to the existing options, the HCCI mill will be at least 20 percent more efficient. In addition, the new unibody underpinning uses lightweight materials, which will improve both fuel economy and driving dynamics of the car.


Even though it’s previewed with the Kai concept, the new generation Mazda3 isn’t going to become available this or next year. No, the hatchback will wait for early 2019.

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