2020 Ford Escape Spotted Redesigned: Is It Making Room For A Third Row Of Seats?

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Ford is making some huge changes to its compact crossover without any doubt. Although the testing mule looks like the current model on the first glance this is not the case. Look closer and you will notice that something strange is going in the rear. Yes, the mule features a bit longer rear end, which is one of the reasons to believe that the next-generation Ford Escape is going to be larger, most likely a three-row SUV after the redesign.

Though, Blue Oval could use the extra space for something else. The 2020 Ford Escape may even offer a bigger trunk or some extra space for rear passengers. And again, the small third row seems as the best possible option because it could turn the compact crossover into the family SUV. Yes, we are aware that Ford offers plenty of the kind already, but the three-row Escape is going to be a far cheaper option. In any case, the longer and wider body is not everything we see here. No, the crossover appears to have a higher ride height and totally different approach angle. The steeper angle will make the vehicle more rugged than before, which is something that most of the public like. Of course, Blue Oval will not forget to add some new design cues in the ends, as well as a totally redesigned dashboard and Ford’s latest technologies, including better safety features.

Under the hood, the 2020 Ford Escape will rely on four-cylinder mills. Overseas, however, the Kuga sibling could use even a three-cylinder engine. The U.S. model will also host a plug-in hybrid powertrain. There is nothing official regarding the 2020 Escape Hybrid, but the latest rumors suggest that the powertrain should consist of a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle and an electric motor, which is going to be paired with a small battery. Together, the system should produce around 200 horsepower, while an electric drive should be limited to about 30 miles at most.

Since we are talking about the new-generation Ford Escape the base price must go up. However, the crossover will still be one of the most affordable options in the segment. The SUV will be introduced sometime next year, most likely in the second half of 2019.

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