Ford Unibody Pickup Truck Rumored To Arrive in 2022

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According to Automobile magazine, Blue Oval fans will be able to choose between two small pickup trucks. After the comeback of the awesome Ranger home, the U.S. public will see one more and totally different workhorse in a few years. The second option will reportedly be a bit smaller than the Ranger. However, what’s far more important, the future model will not rely on body-on-frame construction. Instead, it’s going the Ford unibody pickup truck.

How come?

Well, the Honda Ridgeline turned out to be a jackpot for the Japanese carmaker, so Ford wants its piece of cake. There’s not too many information regarding the future workhorse at the moment. We only know that the carmaker plans to build it on Focus’ C2 platform. The architecture is highly scalable and it’s going to support one more crossover alongside the Focus, which is going to be produced at the company’s Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico, so we assume that they have the same plan for the truck.

The latest rumors claim that the manufacturer has a few names in mind. They are allegedly reconsidering Courier nameplate, but we would not like to see the Ford unibody pickup truck wearing the name, because it sounds a bit too much like a delivery truck. On the other hand, they could bring back the Ford Ranchero back to life, which definitely sounds better.

Whatever the carmaker decides to call it, the Ford unibody pickup truck isn’t going to come to the U.S. market before 2022. Stay tuned and we will inform you what’s happening in the meantime.

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