Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept Revealed: The Pickup Truck May Become Available Next Year

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The revival of the mid-size pickup truck segment is something that most of the truck manufacturers didn’t expect soon, but it somehow happened. Since the segment grows rapidly, the offer becomes motley so to say. There hard-core pickup truck fans still prefer body-on-frame models such as GMC’s, Chevrolet’s, and Ford’s mid-size workhorses are, though the future may bring some changes in the segment, because unibody truck may easily win the market battle thanks to the car-like construction which provides a higher level of comfort and incomparably better ride quality. Honda made an initial spin with the amazing Ridgeline. The truck is highly modern and truly amazing; perhaps the best option you can get if you don’t go off the road too often. However, the pickup will not stay alone for a long, because some producers prepare their unibody trucks which will be introduced sooner than you think. We were pretty sure that the Hyundai Santa Cruz is going to be the next of the kind, but this may change thanks to the recently introduced Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept. The concept made its debut at the 2018 New York Auto Show a few days ago. The carmaker didn’t want to reveal is or when the production model comes anytime soon, but we are pretty sure that the actual truck is going to be introduced early next year.

The concept version of the truck hosts everything the production model needs. It’s mated to a proper engine and sports normal (so-to-say) interior styling, as well as an awesome exterior design. The exterior is Atlas-based of course. Though, the truck version of the Atlas seems to have more ruggedness in its veins. The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak shares the same MQB platform with the SUV sibling. Moreover, it borrowed crossover’s 3.6-liter V6 engine that delivers 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. The unit will be paired with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission, and will reportedly enable a 0-60 mph sprint of 8.5 seconds.

The pickup truck is lifted from the ground for another two inches in order to enable better off-road quality. It’s also notable larger than the SUV. Moreover, if VW doesn’t change anything, the Tanoak will be the biggest mid-size truck available. The piece of work is 214.1 inches long, which is 4 inches more in comparison with the Ridgeline. The footprint is perfect because even as big as it is, the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak will be able to fit in every standard garage. This is a very strong card because full-size workhorses can’t.

The extra space is used to make two rows of seating ultra-cozy and to give the truck a very spacious bed. The interior is paired with a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment and a 12.3-inch instrument cluster screen.

According to the first reports, the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak could be a cheaper option from the fast-selling Honda Ridgeline. Moreover, the base model is rumored to costs less than $30K.

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